I have been a breeder for only three years, but I have loved dogs (and animals in general) since I can remember. The dog was my dream, but my dad, as a district doctor, and my mother, as a nurse, were always against it. (for explanation: during the visiting service the dog drove them away or even tasted them, although according to grandmothers and grandfathers in the village, he did nothing in life :-D) But that changed the next day after I moved to the house. I fulfilled my dream and brought home Debbie. But then I decided that I would like a dog for training, however, the shepherds did not interest me so I got a tip for a boxer. I got Henry and that’s how it all started. My husband wanted a bulldog all the time. We brought the first bulldog girl from one trip, thanks to which I completely fell for this breed as well. Now I can’t imagine life without dog companions. Many thanks to my very patient husband, who is extremely supportive of me, and to my family, who will always help with babysitting. Our son’s name is Christian and therefore our breeding – Christian’s guardians.